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  1. Here is logs and screenshot. Player.log game_log.log
  2. "Locate the anomaly where you may find the Librarian" → Anomaly already located at start. "Secure the anomaly..." may be correct. "Current estimated time before the mage succumbs to the curse" → When "Curse of the Spire" option is off, this should be hidden.
  3. It may save data corrupted. output_log.txt savedata.zip
  4. Expected: 560 Standard Ration Actual: 280 Standard Ration and 278 Primitive Ration Warehouse shows correct number (71 Primitive Ration and 954 Standard Ration). (I guess)
  5. Reproduction: Start new game Set time ongoing Click gift of nature resource game_log.log output_log.txt
  6. Additional Info: Quest Report (all of gaining resource quantity is zero) but I checked warehouse, they got 332 gift of natures.
  7. I searched keyword "student" and couldn't find this bug. so I create this topic. Reproduction Create teaching task Pick teacher Pick student Pick another student These students (of one's clone) are count as individual student. Student can learning faster x times than usual. (He got level 1 to 5 Traveling magic in 5days only)
  8. Playthrough Finally, I'm done. Map seed is 301186. This playthrough was very comfortable and enjoyable. Most of alchemy properties which needs creating potion of life, there are nearby spire. So, my journey was finding the last alchemy property - "Life"(eyeflower). Whenever disciples returning spire, they got some symptoms. But I could handle all of them (mixtured of vigor recovers damaged health, yay!). What is currently the most annoying to you (UI, mechanics, etc.) Annoying things what I feel will rework in next version #137, I believe. What you current miss the most in the current build (UI, mechanics, etc.) Personal Equipment Character status screen has Equipment tab. I want to assign equipment(rope, glove, boot, weapon, etc) from here. It cause simplified to preparing gathering/exploring activity. Generate mage Idea "Generate mage" (mage reroll) may be changed like arriving disciple UI. Because reroll is boring and tend to ignore thier biography. Let us know why disciple like/dislike Showing reason why they like/dislike on skill category would be nice. (mood as same) This time, all disciples become "adores" on monstology category and I don't know why. (I guess mage who also adore monstology taught them, so is is cause of this?) Previous time, all disciples become "hates" on herbology, despite of no one dislike on start.
  9. Thank you for concise explanation. I've got it into my head "Night Terror needs Laughing Potion", because I saw disciple gave Night Terror patient it in previous version. I'll try next game.
  10. Disciple("Gavion") got Night Terror during his gathering. Hospital log shows "Tending to the sick with Healer's salve". See Image below. I researched Laughing Necter and made it. Then, I unassigned all healer and re-assigned Nalorm (he has highest healing level) to healer. I expected he use Laughing Necter to Gavion. But... hospital log shows "Tending to the sick with Healer's salve" still. (I don't have Healer's salve) SavaData_20191006.7z game_log.log output_log.txt
  11. Play through Mage died after surviving 820+ days, because of he couldn't make potion of life. Only one thing what he need was "Sorcery" property which is contained by death flower. Why couldn't I find death flower? I sent well-trained disciple wherever suspicious ancient forest. But world is too large to reveal all ancient forests. Long journey is just boring and wast of time. Mage's health couldn't bear time. Why couldn't I send more disciples to go? Food problem. I couldn't manage 7+ disciples. The more disciples, the more food production. Why is food problem? Gathering raw food(especially fish and meat) is too slow. Gathering speed can't catch up with consuming speed. Why couldn't I send more disciples to gathering raw food? THIS GAME IS NOT MICROMANAGEMENT-BASED. what is currently the most annoying to you (UI, mechanics, etc.) Long journey is boring and wast of time. Disciple got leg injury when she started returning to spire. It costs 100+ days and I feel strong frustration. I put her with Analgesic potion. Why she doesn't use it? Potion icon should show what symptom cure. Every time I want to cure symptom, open encyclopedia and read potion description.(Yes, I tend to forget.) How to learn high level recipe? In my case, I rarely got books. So mage can only get theoretical experience from research. But if mage finished all of research what they can, How to increase their theoretical cap? Sometimes symptom is never cured. what you current miss the most in the current build (UI, mechanics, etc.) Making long journey easy. Portal (Medium tier Travel Magic or One-used Magic Item or building(like Idol, magic resource of energy) Portal returns disciple to spire immediately. And disciple can use portal which is last placed. Making explore radius grows depend on disciple's Travel Magic.
  12. sigh. I got very frustrated because of these reason. what is currently the most annoying to you (UI, mechanics, etc.) Disciples are easy to hurt, hard to recover. There is no way to restore losing health stat. Gaining practical experience is too low. Some of alchemy properties are extremely rare. I don't understand what is showing in hospital log. I only want to know time to recover. Night Terror prevents cooking. I don't like micromanaging daily food production. what you current miss the most in the current build (UI, mechanics, etc.) game should be more fast-paced set Life expectancy to 200days. making potion of life more easy. Drinking potion of life adds life expectancy (100days 1st time, 50days 2nd time, 25days 3rd time, ...).
  13. This version performs very well. what is currently the most annoying to you (UI, mechanics, etc.) Quest Cancel Feature Whenever disciples got heavy injury, I want "canceling quest and go home asap" feature because of avoiding waste of time, food, their health. what you current miss the most in the current build (UI, mechanics, etc.) Delete Resource Icon When They Are Depleted When resource is depleted, It'll be good to delete from world map.
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