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  1. Disciples usually consume a lot of rations the first days, and then have to use relieve hunger when returning to the spire. Also, some disciples do not use relieve hunger spell even if they have required level of domestic magic, and some other time they cast relieve hunger multiple times per meal.
  2. Might be related to the fact that I am playing at a lower resolution?
  3. Right now if on a room of the spire upon pressing ESC you are redirected to the map, and on second click to the menu. I would have that if a window is open (a task window, the encyclopedia or whatever) first click closes the window, second click takes you to the map if not already there and third to the menu.
  4. They are the same item: provide the same benefits, weight the same, but one costs more to make than the other... Suggestions: add stealth to wanderer's cloath; add sleep comfort to mantle, or differentiate the two in some significant way!
  5. The previous way conveyed information, with spacing between events telling how much time passed between one and the other, now it's just a bunch of circles that don't convey any meaning, and just look bad. Also since there isn't no more the blue bar progressing when you move to the next event you loose the sense of narrative when navigating through events, thus creating confusion.. Also, adding a filter for events would be nice, letting us choose for example to show all events when navigating instead of only the major ones
  6. Right now scrolling through items it's too slow. I woul have that each tick of the mouse wheel takes you to the next line of items.
  7. As I thin everyone prefers finishing to use damaged ones before starting to damage new ones
  8. I think that adding a button rest could be maybe a temporary solution, as it's still micro management. I would prefer to be able to set something like "rules of the spire" where you can for example set that disciples who return from quests get a day off or stuff like that. In alternative make it that people stop working or use stamina potions when they exhaust stamina, as it already happens when they exhaust magic energy
  9. Yes i completely agree, I think I said this in one of my suggestion posts as well!!
  10. Is seems that I can no longer click on a task and cancel it from the disciples screen. It works on the mage one though.
  11. I would also remove auto pause when Navigating from one room of the spire to the other. The rationale here is: if I want to assign a task and I open a room window, the time should stop and it does. If I then unstop the time it means that I finished assigning tasks, and thus either moving to another room or to the map is just me wanting to see things proceed as normal, so time should not stop in these occasions.
  12. Since now the mage is free to decide how much time to allocate to each tasks, the magic energy consumed by research activities should be equal to the amount of hours actually spent performing such activities. Instead it's displayed as if the mage was performing 12 hours of each research activity, greatly increasing magic consumption
  13. Still, to see a change in the assignment icons a few seconds need to pass, and looking at the clock is equivalent to looking at the play/pause buttons as they are in the same position. Both things are in your peripheral view, and thus create a lag between when the time has stopped and when you realise it has stopped. This is of course not a problem when it's appropriate that time stops. I think that when returning to the map a time stop is not useful, and since I don't expect one to be there, having it makes the gameplay experience less fluid, at least to me. Then, generally speaking, I think that giving the option to players to decide in which occasions time stops automatically would be a welcomed feature...
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