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  2. Hi, when I do a battle/event I feel like I am blocked after choosing an option (fight or other options). No button to en the event / come back to the map Regards
  3. Using it on one of my character created a dopleganger with same levels and gears, but everything else (movements, fights, spells...) started to glitch from there and bugged...
  4. Hello, I play a lot of racing game so I have a steering wheel and a race pedals set always connected to my PC via USB cables. If I want to play this game I have to unplug them every time otherwise the map will keep drifting towards one direction, it is very annoying, please fix it!
  5. The bug happened when i was trying to select a character with the appropriate skill for the challenge (travelling). hte game wouldn' recognise the character with the skill but did recognise different characters
  6. Методом перебора было отловлено следующее - ошибка возникает в комбинированном гнезде. Если делать вывод звука на железо минуя эквалайзеры - звук будет работать без проблем. Но при этом возникает забавная ситуация, когда вместо наушников в комбинированный разъём подключаются колонки и в системе при этом выставляется настройка на вывод звука через оба - звучать будет что-то одно. При этом звук может пойти в любое из двух устройств.
  7. Продолжает воспроизводится спонтанным образом. В v.167.
  8. @Moxovoy Спасибо за сообщение об ошибке! А то я после Дискорда как раз побежал проверять, ведь мы вроде исправляли использование арахнида на живых. Что ж, придётся исправить ещё раз.
  9. Фикс с арахнидом надо сделать не только на складе, но и инвентаре партии, а ещё вероятно - при обмене предметами срабатывает 50/50. Посмотрю ещё слабые места использования
  10. Player.logАрахнид-удвоитель.datgame_log.log Паука пробуждения можно использовать на живого персонажа - результат - удвоение сущностей. Всё ещё работает.
  11. You are able to use hotkeys to try to control menus while in the first screen where you assign points and skills. This leads to lots of null references since no parties have been made yet. Number keys and "I" work for sure as examples.
  12. I just loaded up a new game and I get null references when clicking on the face of the top disciple (the only one whose name I clicked to edit) on the left panel and when clicking on Spells at the bottom. In the former case, the screenshot menu below shows up with what appears to be just placeholder stats. This is consistently replicable by clicking to edit a disciple's name on the starting screen; you don't actually need to set a new name. The exception occurs at SOS.UI.UICharacterView.InitData(). A save file is attached below. Bug v147.dat
  13. Current status: RELEASED Release date: June 26 KNOWN ISSUES: Personal traits are not in the game yet. Moral choice stories not in the game yet. Parties currently do not receive items as the result of moral choices; this is temporary, and will be fixed with the next build. The skill check mechanic will transition to multi-skill action cards, in a few weeks. For the time being, it’s still the single-skill, choose your action system. Authors of books are not shown yet (but titles are). Party Info screen is alpha, looks messy. Lore stories not in the game yet. Tradeoffs stories not in the game yet. Moon signs are not in the game yet. Character reactions are not in the game yet. Some UI elements are still missing tooltips, but we're getting better at that. Some UI elements still do not have descriptions/names. Character Info screen is beta, looks messy. Party Info screen is alpha, looks messy. Skill check scale is alpha, looks messy. Chapter quest events (the 3 events where you get unique artefacts) are not final: they will be changed in the coming builds. Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, French translations of new elements are not in the game yet. Grotto of the Dead, Chamber of Knowledge are not in the game yet – ETA is after LEA re-launch. CONTENT: 7 moral choice stories are now in the game (EN/RU). We won’t describe these stories in Release Notes, not to spoil them. German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and French translations for most tags on the Initial party screen, core UI, hex information window and character information screen are now in the game German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and French translations for spell name and effects are now in the game VISUALS: Moral choice icon is ready, and shown in the hex info window (right mouse button on the hex) Moral choice icon for the world map is now ready, and shown on the map Traits now have their own icon, which is displayed in front of the trait's name in the interface USER INTERFACE: Traits are now shown in a separate tab of Character Info Sheet Traits now have tooltips that display their effects Trait names are now gender-specific (this affects some of the languages, and some of the traits; in some cases female and male versions would be the same, depending on the language) The first iteration of the moral choice window is now in the game Hex info window now shows story button if there is available story in this hex. Story can be activated by pressing it. Book tooltips now show both the title of the book, and the name of its author GAME MECHANICS: Traits mechanic is now available in the game. Traits are character-specific modifications that affect proficiencies and stats of the particular character. Once acquired, traits cannot be removed. The first 14 Traits are now in the game. They are acquired through moral choice type of stories. We won’t describe these traits in Release Notes, not to spoil them. BUG FIXES: Fixed a bug with generating empty catacombs on the map Scared creatures now run away only to allowed hexes, avoiding other creatures, dangers & locations. All scrolls are converted to Spell Points now, when transferred to the Spire
  14. Спасибо за пост! Поглядели на ситуацию с краем карты, так нашли и ещё одну интересную ошибку, которую нужно поправить.
  15. Finally, this one should be fixed in v167
  16. I think, it was fixed even previous week with hot fix, so I'll put it to FIXED
  17. У умершего персонажа, если его до этого не воскрешали пауком. Пример. От партия Элйза и Жак. Элайза идёт исследовать руины. Она попала в ловушку и погибла. Картинка мёртвого. Её оживили (пауком). Сохранение игры. Партия вместе с оживлённой Элайзой идёт исследовать руины. На проверку вместо Элайзы отправлен Жак. К сожалению ломая стену руины его засыпало камнем. Он умер. Картинка живого. Загрузка сохранённой игры. Партия вместе с оживлённой Элайзой идёт исследовать руины. Элайза проходит проверку и погибает при этом. Картинка мёртвого. === Ошибка не воспроизводится если делать альт-таб жестами. Кроме того если нажимать на клавиатуру персонаж будет отображаться живым на мгновение, заметное при замедленном воспроизведении.
  18. Не совсем понимаю ситуацию. У какого персонажа будет показан не правильный портрет? в какой ситуации?
  19. Have a same problem right now. Save and load helps me to exit encounter.
  20. Hello There is a terrible lag going when I pass the turn by pressing (sun symbol) or (space bar). it starts when i press the button and it's gone when every character and creature settles in his new place. the lag affect the mouse cursor too during the time when it occur. I started multiple (new game) trying some stuff (spells/no spells) (items/no items) etc. and the results are the same, I concluded: 1. I think it's an animation issue, because it didn't happen when no creatures moved in a certain turn. 2. I thought it was related to learning spells but turns out.. it wasn't, I started a new game which I didn't learn spells and the same lagging issue continued. 3. for some reason it didn't happen until after turn 3. I recorded a video showing the issue. I was lucky that no creatures moved first turn (no lag) but the following turns you can see it clearly. also it lagged after the event in the video. game_log.log Player.log 2020-06-13_12-18-33.mkv
  21. Here is logs and screenshot. Player.log game_log.log
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